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San Francisco Scenes: Market Street




Don’t walk down Market Street without pausing to look up.  The architectural details on many of the buildings are amazing.  One of my favorite things about San Francisco has to be that streetcars and cable cars are still in operation.   These are a couple streetcars we caught strolling Market Street.   If you’re in San Francisco, be sure to pay a visit to the Cable Car museum.  And now, after a stop in a great hamburger joint, Super Duper, we have yet another reason to visit Market Street. (Thanks for the tip, Maria!) Check it out – you won’t be disappointed.


Kelly - As usual the photos are fantastic and Super Duper looks YUMMY!

Julie - I lived in SF for a few years as a child, and haven’t been back since. I’ve been wanting to plan a road trip back up there very badly! I will have to check out Market Street when I do… and who can resist a burger joint called Super Duper?? Love the photos!

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